Strawberry Shortcake Thumbnail

Strawberry Shortcake

Fresh strawberries and whipped cream between layers of our delicious white cake.

from $  28.00 
Swedish Princess Thumbnail

Swedish Princess

One of our all time classics; our delicious white cake layers with raspberry and kirsch custard filling, whipped cream and marzipan icing.

from $  29.00 
Black Forest Cake Thumbnail

Black Forest Cake

A traditional German dessert; chocolate sponge, sour cherries, and whipped cream with kirschwasser and chocolate shavings.

from $  40.00 
Fuerst Pueckler Cake Thumbnail

Fuerst Pueckler Cake

One of Schubert's original cakes made since 1911; white and chocolate cake, chocolate and raspberry whipped cream, topped with chocolate ganache. (Formerly known as Neopolitan)

from $  40.00 
St.Honore Thumbnail


Puff pastry layered with chocolate, rum custard, white cake, and whipped cream, garnished with cream puffs and lady fingers.

from $  40.00 
Pink Champagne Thumbnail

Pink Champagne

White cake, raspberries, kirshwasser, custard, and whipped cream garnished with strawberry-flavored white chocolate shavings.

from $  28.00 
Mocha Torte Thumbnail

Mocha Torte

White cake flavored with coffee and mocha whipped cream.

from $  40.00